You can join the Overwatch League mailing list to get 100 League Tokens

Finally, there is a good reason to join a mailing list. Since a few months, Monitoring League fans couldn’t win Monitoring League Tokens, which can be used to purchase Team Skins or Special Occasion Skins in Monitoring. Sensing this frustration, the league is offering fans an easy way to earn a free skin by signing up for a mailing list.

Fans can subscribe to the list, which sends news on the Monitoring League, using the email address associated with their account. If they register before April 29, they will receive 100 Monitoring League chips by May 6. These 100 tokens are enough to unlock a team skin for any hero in To watch.

The Monitoring The league was handing out league tokens in the form of drops on Twitch when fans watched the matches live. Since Monitoring League moved to YouTube as part of a multi-year deal with the company earlier this year, however, tokens have yet to be activated on official feeds. Blizzard is reportedly still studying the functionality for YouTube viewers.

Fans who are already part of the Monitoring The League mailing list simply needs to update their information to receive tokens. However, it may take several days after the campaign ends on April 29 for the tokens to be awarded. Console players must link their PlayStation Network or Xbox Live accounts to their account to receive tokens.

If you still need more Monitoring League Tokens to equip your entire squad with heroes in the team colors, 100 tokens can be purchased for $ 4.99 through the Monitoring customer.

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