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The pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty to many aspects of life, especially when it comes to travel; however, not for RV owners who are willing to travel.

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, January 25, 2022 / — Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is here to help customers increase sales. Businesses that focus on serving other businesses will want access to the many commercial postal mailing lists that offer more potential engagement and response.

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The Beginning of Global Sprint Marketing Data Solutions
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a 100% American-owned and operated company whose founder is a disabled veteran. After performing the responsibilities of keeping the country safe, the next step was to help the economy of this country go by helping the many businesses. This goal began with a small start-up that has grown steadily and today has a staff with over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing helps businesses grow by making it easier to reach markets that want their specific products or services. At the start of the business, in the age of pre-digital marketing, it was done with direct mail marketing and taught fundamental lessons in data acquisition, organization and analysis that will prove crucial for future marketing techniques. When digital marketing was ready for mainstream use, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing made a quick and easy transition to this new platform and gained a forerunner advantage for itself and its clients.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has extended its range of services far beyond its original territory of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company now serves both the continental United States as well as Hawaii and Alaska. All of North America is also available for companies looking to expand into the Mexican or Canadian markets. And for companies that have an ambition focused on international markets, such as the European Union, crossing the Atlantic and entering countries like France are also options.

The recreational vehicle market

Recreational vehicles occupy a unique niche in the United States culture and the automotive industry. RVs now represent a unique lifestyle choice, as they are functional and mobile vehicles that are also designed to serve as comfortable residences on a temporary or even permanent basis. RVs are great mobiles, but they’re also built with the features that many people take for granted in a home, like having beds, stoves for cooking, and even running water for a sink and shower.

For some, motorhomes are a seasonal treat, a way to travel across the continental United States while having all the comforts of a “home away from home” every step of the way. For others, motorhomes have become a new permanent home as they adopt a nomadic lifestyle, admiring the sights of America while having easy access to their own “home”, regardless of location. . This unique lifestyle opens up a range of different marketing opportunities for other businesses.

To travel
First and foremost, the mobile characteristics of recreational vehicles mean that RV owners are aggressively seeking new and exciting destinations to visit. Because they bring their accommodation with them, their only requirements are access to sewage disposal and an electrical connection.

Different travel destinations can benefit from the lure of RV owners across America as their RVs make them much friendlier than others during the pandemic time. Even a quarantine or other period of self-isolation is more manageable when they can do it at home rather than in a hotel room.

Because an RV is essentially a “house on wheels”, many of the conveniences of a home that must be purchased would also find their way to an RV. Small types of furnishings, cookware, utensils, decorations, bedding, and other household utensils all have their place in an RV and can be marketed to owners.

Investment Opportunities
RV owners tend to have higher disposable income, often resulting from entering the retirement phase of their lives where they have more time to travel and fewer expenses like children to fund. For some financial or investment-focused businesses, this makes RV owners a prime demographic to approach for different products such as additional loans, passive investment opportunities, and other services.

Cover different demographics

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Offers Large RV Owners lists that cover various business needs. These landlords can be targeted based on the geography of their fixed mailing addresses, whether you want to approach them in one part of the country or run a national campaign.

These RV owner lists can also be broken down by specific demographics based on a customer’s needs. So if you want to target only motorhome owners over 65 who are already retired, or only female motorhome owners, or ownership based on ethnicity or religious affiliation, to make offers specifically to African American or Evangelical Christian owners, these types of demographic breakdowns are also available.

Contact details run the gamut from traditional landline mailing addresses to email addresses, which may be more convenient for a largely mobile population, and even phone numbers or cell phone numbers for SMS/text-based campaigns.

There are even turnkey direct mail solutions for customers who want to run a direct mail campaign but lack experience. It is a guided process, from conception to design, to manufacturing and finally to distribution, all under one roof.

If you would like to target RV owners with a comprehensive list of RV owners, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. We can provide you with the lists you need to start expanding your market. You support a US business owned and operated by a disabled veteran when you work with us.

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