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LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, February 1, 2022 / — Sprint Data Solutions Global Marketing is here to help businesses and charities find food bank donors to help. For groups interested in appealing to the corporate sector, commercial mailing lists are available to approach these large high finance clients.

If a group is more focused on reaching out to the general public, consumer mailing lists are also available. These lists run the gamut of geographic and demographic diversity, ensuring that Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can help with any B2B or audience objective.

The Sprint Data Solutions Global Marketing Story
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing began as the ambition of a disabled veteran. Having fulfilled the obligations to defend the country, the decision was made to contribute to the growth of the economy by helping companies to increase their sales. This idea led to a company that today has a staff with over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing sector of the business industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing got into business towards the end of the purely physical era of marketing when digital was on the horizon but had yet to prove itself. By focusing on direct mail marketing, the start-up learned critical lessons about data acquisition, management and retention. These lessons proved to be a godsend when digital marketing finally blossomed and businesses struggled to master it. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has taken all of its experience from data. Previously, he made an early and easy transition to digital marketing techniques, enjoying a first mover advantage that trickled down to his clients.

Now, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has greatly expanded its range of operation. From its initial service area in hometown Las Vegas, Nevada, the company now serves the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. It also offers its clients marketing opportunities across the continent with databases for those wishing to enter the Canadian or Mexican markets. And for companies or groups that really want to internationalize, the databases cross the Atlantic and provide access to European Union countries such as France.

The crisis continues
The pandemic has caused many businesses across the United States to downsize to survive or shut down altogether as challenges such as lockdowns, logistical difficulties and sick employees interfere with operations. As a result, people unemployed and unable to meet basic necessities are at a much higher rate in the country than in previous years.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has always supported charitable groups, and this initiative has become even more critical during a pandemic. As basic needs are not being met, the increased demand from food banks has created pressure. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has already helped more than 145 food bank operations in the past year alone raise the capital they need to meet quotas and ensure that unfortunate Americans who have become economic victims of the pandemic could feed themselves and their families as they rise to the challenge of overcoming these obstacles.

Although actual food donations to food banks will always be an important Component of operations, administration, logistics and management of food banks still require significant financial investment. This is where the general public, willing to donate money, and high net worth individuals interested in donating to food bank causes can be crucial to the continued operation of these groups. Depending on the location, or even the time of year, appealing to businesses, the public, or wealthy active donors can result in significant contributions to keep food banks operating at critical times to help Americans get back on their feet. .

Find the right donor
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has years of experience collecting and maintaining food bank donor lists. These lists cover a wide range of different customer requirements, first and foremost geographical. Full listings are available if a customer wants to hit a specific region, like America’s breadbasket states, or a particular state, like North Dakota. If there is a need to approach donors in a specific city within a state, this more specific targeted list is also available.
However, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing also offers groups and organizations based on demographic needs. Food bank donors come from all walks of life, different faiths and economic classes. If a client wishes to appeal to a specific religion, such as approaching primarily Christian or Jewish donors, a particular ethnicity, such as Latino or African American, or even a distinct economic class, these demographic categorizations can be provided.

Contact details can be made available as needed. For direct mail, physical postal addresses are accessible. Digital marketing can use email addresses on request, while telemarketing can get phone numbers. Even cell phone numbers are available for campaigns based on SMS/text marketing techniques.

Some clients may be interested in directly managing a direct mail campaign but are unsure of doing so due to lack of experience. For these customers, turnkey direct mail solutions are offered. It’s a guided process through every step of a direct mail campaign, from concept to design to manufacturing and distribution. Everything happens in-house, with no need to outsource additional vendors or services.

If you would like to access food bank donor lists, contact Sprint Data Solutions Global Marketing. We will provide you with the food bank donor lists you need. You support a US business owned and operated by a disabled veteran when you work with us.

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