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School funding has changed

Very few Americans can manage their lifestyle without going into debt. Student loan holders always need alternative financing.

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, January 18, 2022 / — Las Vegas, Nevada, (01/18/2022) Sprint Data Solutions Global Marketing is ready to assist a range of clients in handling any marketing focused on debt management or financial services. For businesses that operate on a B2B basis, commercial postal mailing lists are available to contact key decision makers for corporate transactions.

If a business is looking more to serve the general public, consumer mailing lists are available. These lists vary widely in their coverage of different geographic and demographic areas. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is here to help any business with their B2B or consumer marketing efforts.
How Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Began
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has its origins in its founder, a disabled veteran. Having contributed to military service, the decision was to contribute to the economy and help other businesses grow. The focus was on marketing, an essential component in the growth of any business. Now, this small start-up has a staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience focusing on marketing.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing started operating at the end of the era of traditional marketing, just before the mass adoption of digital marketing. As it stands today, direct mail was still a powerful marketing tool back then, and it imparted important fundamental skills and lessons about marketing and data management. When digital marketing took off, those same direct mail skills made for an easy and effective transition to digital marketing right from the start. This allowed Sprint Data Solutions to quickly establish a beachhead in an emerging industry and deliver immediate results to its pioneering customers eager to test the waters.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has grown significantly from its original service line in its hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company currently serves the entire United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. It also caters to customers wishing to enter international markets, such as the other North American nations of Mexico and Canada. And for companies wishing to enter markets on different continents, even crossing the Atlantic to countries like France is part of the range of services.

Debt is normal

Debt was once considered a character flaw, but that perception has changed dramatically. Debt is now seen as an integral part of American financial life. Where the perception has changed is in debt management. After all, mortgages and credit cards have become part of everyday life. Few people in America can buy a house outright; it makes sense to go into debt – in this case, get approved for a mortgage – and show the financial responsibility that comes with managing payments over that time.
The same goes for education, where student loans are just a part of life for many young people at the higher education level.

School funding has changed

In the previous century, especially in the decades following World War II, it was not only feasible, but recommended for people to pay for college themselves. With total tuition for four years only a few thousand dollars, it was viable for someone to earn a college degree debt-free by working, using scholarships, grants, and grants, or having the family invest in savings specifically for this purpose.
Today, the average amount a student borrows throughout a four-year degree is nearly $39,000, and nearly 70% of students in 2018 had to get some sort of student loan to complete their study and get a degree. In other words, the traditional baby boomer approach of working a summer job or even a part-time job for four years is unlikely to fund annual tuition.

Vast marketing potential

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has a massive list of student loan holders across the United States, which totals over 11 million verified data contacts. For businesses, this opens up many marketing channels. While there are obvious routes to financial services and debt management companies, there are many other ancillary possibilities. Cost-saving products and services, home, food, clothing and other products for students who manage their lifestyles are all on the table to reach out with marketing tailored to the specific interests of people who live it all. by managing a student loan.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing provides lists of student loan holders based on the specific parameters customers require. If there is an interest in reaching out to a particular ethnicity, such as making a special offer to African American students or targeting students based on a specific religious practice, such as reaching out to Catholic students, this type of metric specificity is possible. And of course, student listings are geographically categorized to target each loan holder — or individuals — by city, state, or region of the United States. Data is available as physical mailing addresses, email addresses for digital marketing, phone numbers for telemarketing, or even cell phone numbers for SMS/text marketing initiatives.
Customers interested in running a direct mail campaign but lacking experience can access turnkey direct mail solutions. It’s a complete service, under one roof, from conception to design, marketing materials manufacturing and distribution, all without looking for external suppliers for the different stages of the direct mail process.

If your business could benefit from reaching out to student loan holders, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. We can get the student loan databases you need in the preferred format. When you work with us, you support a US business owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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