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The United States has a large contingent of avid bourbon drinkers, which presents a business opportunity for the right products and services.

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, July 20, 2022 / — Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is ready to help any business interested in growing their customer base or customer base. For companies that prefer to work with other companies, professional mailing lists contain important details such as decision makers within an organization and company titles.

For businesses that have a product or service aimed at the general public, consumer mailing lists will meet those needs. Depending on customer needs, these lists are divided along geographic lines, but can also have demographic categorizations. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is here to help B2B companies or target the retail consumer.

Sprint Data Solutions Global Marketing and Its Origin
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing began life as the dream of a disabled veteran who would go on to found the company. After completing the responsibilities of military service, the next phase of life was to move from defense to development, especially the economy. This would be done by helping businesses find the customers and clients essential for healthy growth. This commitment spawned a small start-up that today boasts a staff with over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing started in the marketing industry just before digital marketing took hold. The focus was on the traditional direct mail marketing platform, which provided crucial lessons in data acquisition, management and analysis. This proved fortunate when digital marketing quickly established itself as an effective new platform. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing quickly integrated and delivered digital marketing services with its data-centric skills and enjoyed a first mover advantage with significant gains for itself and its clients.

Currently, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing offers a range of services far beyond its original hometown confines of Las Vegas, Nevada. The entire United States is now served, including Alaska and Hawaii. Companies that want full North American coverage can also access the Canadian and Mexican market databases. Even international strategies are served, with databases that cross the Atlantic and offer breakthroughs in the European Union and markets like France for companies ready to go global.

An American tradition
As with many American folk tales, the bourbon story is disputed on the actual facts. But one thing is clear: bourbon is a uniquely American liqueur, and was created by aging distilled corn spirit, or “moonshine,” in a freshly charred oak barrel, making a unique twist on the centuries-old tradition. whiskey. Some attribute the invention of bourbon to Elijah Craig as it is historically documented that he opened the first official bourbon distillery. In contrast, others say he was simply the best known of a long line of experimenters who brought bourbon to life.

Either way, this quintessentially American liquor is now nationally recognized as a favorite and has its admirers in the rest of the world. And for different companies in the United States, this market represents an opportunity for growth with the right products or services. For a market to survive, it must be passed on to new generations, which is certainly the case with bourbon.

A changing market
The stereotypical perception that bourbon is a drink for older men has changed in recent years. Millennials are taking off, finding their footing with their purchasing power, and now many people in their 20s and 30s are discovering bourbon. Perhaps more surprisingly, many of these new young bourbon enthusiasts are women.

Many different marketing approaches are now available due to this expansion of bourbon drinkers in America. What might once be considered a safe advertising strategy for a mature male drinker over 50 no longer applies to millennials, who will have their own distinct drinking preferences, responses and behaviors. However, younger demographics also present new opportunities for marketing and flexibility.

Reaching good bourbon drinkers

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has lists for bourbon drinkers Across the country. Lists are suitable for nationwide campaigns, but can easily be reduced for more precise targeting. Regions like only bourbon drinkers in the Deep South are possible, as are single states, like Kentucky. It’s even possible to target specific neighborhoods within a single city or town, such as only bourbon drinkers in Wildwood, Montgomery, Alabama.

Demographic breakdowns are also available for crucial precision targeting. So if a campaign is better suited to millennials, only that age group can be featured. The same is true if a product or service is marketed to women or would have a better reception among practicing Christians. If necessary, it is even possible to target only wealthy bourbon drinkers.

Database details are provided in a variety of formats as required. For direct mail campaigns, physical mailing addresses are standard. For digital marketing efforts, email addresses are provided. If a customer prefers telemarketing, phone numbers are available. Even cell phone numbers can be provided for those wishing to use an SMS/Text based marketing campaign.

Some clients may be interested in hands-on management of a direct mail campaign, but are hesitant to do so due to lack of experience. For those interested, turnkey direct mail solutions are available. This special service carefully guides customers through every step of a direct mail campaign. From planning and conceptualizing designs, to manufacturing and printing materials, and distributing using the desired database. This avoids the usual need to research and check different suppliers at different stages of the process.

So if you need access to assault rifle and shotgun owner lists, contact Sprint Data Solutions Global Marketing. When you work with us, you support a US business owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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