The mailing list website has a new national mailing list of parents attending school board meetings in every state

Parents attending school board meetings

Mailing list of parents protesting school change and reform

Parents Against CRT in Schools

Parents attending school board meeting under supervision


Parents active in their child’s education

Education is one of the characteristics that separate advanced nations from less developed nations. Education allows developments in many areas of study.

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, February 21, 2022 / — Sprint Data Solutions Global Marketing can help businesses create new opportunities to find new customers and clients. Businesses that focus on collaborating directly with other businesses will make great use of professional mailing lists. These examine a variety of different business interests and industry sectors.

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The Sprint Data Solutions Global Marketing Story
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was the brainchild of a disabled veteran who embarked on a new direction in life. After performing military tasks to defend the country against threats, the next step was to help the economy of this country grow. The approach decided upon was to help businesses find the customers and customers they relied on to keep them running. This basic idea was the start of a company that today has a staff with a combined total of over 50 years of professional experience in the marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing first entered the marketing industry before the digital era. Analog techniques like direct mail were still the dominant practices, while digital itself was only beginning to show marketing promise. However, working in direct mail introduced the company to the basic concepts of data acquisition, management and analysis. As digital marketing has proven its impact, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has leveraged this previous data management experience to be a forerunner when transitioning to the new platform. This benefited both the company and the customers they served with rapid and significant success.

Since then, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has diligently expanded its range of services. What began as operating only in the home region of Las Vegas, Nevada, now encompasses the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. The company has also moved across the border to serve customers who want full North American continental coverage, with access to the Mexican and Canadian markets. For customers ready to enter international markets, it is now possible to cross the Atlantic and access the databases of European Union countries such as France.

Proactive Parents Create New Marketing Opportunities
Education is one of the crucial elements in determining a child’s possible success in life. Good grades and a quality education mean more choices for the path a child chooses to follow in the future. However, these types of decisions are not determined by the child but by the parents’ commitment to the well-being of the child. Parents who take an active interest in a child’s future will take additional steps such as following up and attending school board meetings to better understand the options available for child education and betterment.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has curated databases of parents attending school board meetings. Parents who take the time to do this often have other crucial characteristics and behaviors that make them receptive to specific types of marketing. This indicates an active interest in taking preventive and often advanced steps to invest in children’s success, both psychologically and financially. Any products or services that can help advance these goals will be reviewed with a higher level of interest and engagement.

This provides an opportunity to appeal to different needs and interests for the right companies. Educational products will have a higher level of interest in this market, but other lifestyle products for children or teens are also likely to receive more time and attention. Educational services such as distance learning or enrichment opportunities would also generate a high level of interest among consumers. These parents are also more likely to participate in surveys and receptive to calls for donations. Even good financial products or good insurance offers would get more consideration from parents who attend school board meetings.

Appeal to receptive parent demographics
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has lists of parents who attend school board meetings across the United States. These are available as geographic categories as broad as the whole country, or as specific as a city, or even a district of a city. Demographic breakdowns are also available to target parents with particular characteristics. So whether it’s purely Catholic families, especially Latin American families, or even parents of a specific economic class, these more precise targeting measures are available to increase the chances of interest, engagement and positive response.

Contact information is available in as many formats as needed. Physical mailing addresses are always available for direct mail needs. Email addresses may be used for digital marketing efforts. For telemarketing purposes, phone numbers are available, and even for SMS/text marketing initiatives, cell phone numbers can be provided. Customers can use as many or as few touchpoints as needed for their marketing needs.

Some companies may be interested in the direct mail campaign process and even want to oversee these efforts, but lack experience. Turnkey direct mail solutions are offered to customers who wish to be trained. This is a guided service that walks customers through every step of the direct mail campaign process. From concept to design to manufacturing and finally to distribution. All of these steps take place under one roof, so there is no need to research and verify suppliers for different stages of the process.

If your business wants to market to parents who attend school board meetings, contact Sprint Data Solutions Global Marketing. Your support goes to a US business owned and operated by a disabled veteran when you work with us.

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