STRYPER – Subscribe to the documentary mailing list, win prizes

Stryper has released the following update regarding their upcoming official documentary:

“Touring and spreading the word for over 35 years, Stryper has continued with enthusiasm to bring our music and our faith to you, the fans. Going around the world, the most amazing thing we hear from the fans are YOUR STORIES Stories about how you discovered Stryper and how the Word of God touched you … We want to tell these stories.

“Because we are celebrating the advent of the creation of a Stryper Documentary, we are giving away five Stryper Vault Prize Packs. Unique Stryper stickers, art proofs, banners, and other items we’ve sorted into five awesome Fan Packs.

“It’s so easy to win:

– All you need to do is SUBSCRIBE to our documentary mailing list before 10/31/21
– You will be AUTOMATICALLY entered to win 1 of the 5 Stryper Prize Packs
– We will award prizes to 5 RANDOM SUBSCRIBERS on our documentary mailing list
– Good luck!

“Click here to enter and win.

Plus, if you’ve already joined this documentary mailing list BEFORE TODAY, you’ve already entered to win. No need to enter twice! The chance to WIN is for ALL subscribers, not just new ones.

“Soon we’ll be revealing the details of how we plan to bring this documentary to life, but if you want to find out first, just visit our film website and sign up now.

“Let’s share these stories TOGETHER, in a long-awaited official documentary detailing Stryper’s history and, more importantly, our connection to YOU.

“Please note: The Documentaries mailing list is separate from the Stryper main list, so please visit the documentary site and sign up if you haven’t already!

“We want the Stryper documentary to be the GREATEST MUSICAL FILM of the next decade and it can only happen with your support. Help us get it started by visiting our movie site and joining our mailing list.”

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