Stratfor Stolen Mailing List Used For Rickroll Clients… This Time – Naked Security

If your email address was among the thousands stolen from Stratfor and published by Anonymous, you may have received an unusual email this morning claiming to be from the CEO of the security company.

The email claims to be an announcement from George Friedman regarding changes to the Stratfor services, including making their premium content available for free due to the inconvenience of their services being unavailable.

Stratfor spam message with Rickroll

There are a few signs for anyone with a keen eye that this is a prank … The link at the beginning of the email that invites you to “Assess Stratfor Incident Response” leads to a page titled “butthurtreportform.jpg”.

Another clue could be the reference to “the recent intrusion of these deranged and sexually deviant criminal terrorist brains” at the end of the post.

While being Rickrolled is often funny, and you can be sure I’ll never give up on you, it could have been a much more dangerous phishing attack.

(Enjoy this video? Find out more on the SophosLabs YouTube channel.)

Considering the huge number of lost email addresses in 2011, almost all of our email addresses are known to attackers, often with knowledge of who we dealt with.

It makes us even more vulnerable at this time of recklessness to believe that the message is really coming from Stratfor, our bank, Marriott Rewards, Walmart, Sony or any other company that has lost our personal information.

Stay alert and I hope Rick Astley can help you have a comfortable weekend.

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