Strategy for cultivating relationships with gallery mailing list subscribers

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Here, I’ll explain why using an email interview sequence is invaluable in cultivating new relationships with gallery mailing list subscribers and potential art collectors. There are a number of ways that an art gallery can put this marketing strategy into practice.

If you have a mailing list signup form on your website inviting visitors to receive your newsletter, you probably have a lot of people on that list that you don’t know.

How can you build a better relationship with these people from the start, just on the basis of an email address? You can implement an automated sequence of email maintenance that can help new subscribers get to know the gallery better and feel more comfortable contacting you.

Businesses use an automated email nurture sequence in many industries where relationships are a factor for long term success. Interestingly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an art gallery use this strategy. And I’m literally on hundreds of art gallery mailing lists.

[Yes – my inbox is out of control.]

What is an email nurture sequence?

Think of it as a first date. Someone agrees to hang out with you (by joining your gallery mailing list), and of course, you want to make a great first impression and get to know each other. This is precisely what an educational sequence is designed for.

It’s a way for you and your subscribers to have a first date through a series of 3-5 emails designed for your subscribers to get to know the gallery and encourage them to share more about their tastes and preferences. art needs.

Towards the end of the streak, you ask them to engage by sharing their interests and needs with you. To do this, you must include an online survey or an invitation to speak one-on-one.

When you set up a development sequence, you have a powerful tool to present your gallery’s new perspectives to the gallery’s program, mission, artists, and services at a comfortable, non-intimidating pace. It provides them with light educational content to create awareness of what your gallery has to offer and keeps them interested enough to continue opening your regular gallery newsletter.

A nurture sequence is constructed in advance and scheduled to exit automatically when triggered by a new subscriber joining a mailing list.

Why use a nurture email sequence for your gallery?

An art gallery must constantly maintain relationships with new art collectors. You know that.

Your art gallery’s mailing list remains one of your most valuable assets as it is made up of warm leads for future sales. Your list was built from people who cared enough about what your gallery had to offer to invite you to their inbox.

A big challenge to overcome is getting people to stay engaged and making sure they feel comfortable learning about a work of art or asking for advice on incorporating art into. their house. You also want to make it easy for subscribers to understand if your art gallery matches their needs.

When that happens, you get more qualified leads.

Is this strategy suitable for your gallery activity? Determine if your gallery matches the following:

  • Your collector base is mostly made up of older people who are downsizing and don’t buy art as often. It would help if you built strong relationships with a new generation of collectors.
  • Gen X and Millennial art lovers come to gallery events but do not buy due to lack of confidence or knowledge about the art collection.
  • You have a large mailing list, but the open and click rates are low for your newsletter

With each new subscriber to your list, a development sequence begins to build these new relationships in a useful and interesting way.

What does implementing this strategy mean for your gallery’s mailing list subscribers?

Assembling your development sequence will require a little upfront planning and creating every email within your email marketing platform and planning for its release at regular intervals. After that, however, everything is on autopilot, so you can go back to the day-to-day management of the gallery.

You want to define your goals for this strategy. You probably already have an idea of ​​why so many subscribers join your gallery mailing list in the first place. Align your goals and content with these reasons.

When planning what each email will focus on in sequence, consider

  • The overall program of your gallery
  • The value proposition for collectors
  • The services you offer
  • The artists you represent.

Also, think about specific calls to action for each topic. What action do you want your new subscribers to take with each email?

It’s best to keep the majority of the content in your footage up to date. You want to be able to put the policy in place and not have to update it too frequently. So, this isn’t a place to highlight upcoming events, but you can share your gallery’s key annual events like a holiday exhibit, annual small art exhibit, or annual group show.

I recommend that you keep your emails short and relaxed. Each email should offer the option to contact the gallery, complete a survey, or click through to your website to learn more about a topic.

This increases value for your readers and allows you to track success and better understand what types of calls to action resonate the most.

How well your sequence works depends on the email service provider you use. This type of functionality is commonly referred to as Marketing Automation or Nurture Sequence. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, and other great providers will have good training and easy-to-follow steps to put a sequence into the system.

Up to the point

If your art gallery business needs to find new ways to build relationships with collectors, then a development streak should definitely be added to your marketing strategy.

Many potential art collectors love art and can afford to buy it, but either don’t know where to start or feel intimidated entering an art gallery. Your gallery’s email maintenance sequence should be designed to overcome these apprehensions and build relationships.

An art gallery email sequence is a long term strategy for nurturing future sales relationships with your email list subscribers. The intention is not to sell immediately. Remember the analogy of the first date and be creative with the type of information you share in your streak.