Optimize your restaurant’s Google my Business listing in 5 easy steps

The reason Google’s listing trumps the dinosaur is because it doesn’t require food, is much easier to manage, and will be seen by thousands more people (whoever they pass by). right around the corner or not).

In short, if you want people to find your restaurant, you have to be on Google. The Google my Business listing will make the “being on Google” process relatively straightforward. You don’t need to know Google Analytics or be an expert in search engine optimization for pay-per-click advertising. You just claim your GMB list, fill it with great content, and watch it reach thousands of people without having to spend a single dirham (or feed a dinosaur). You’ll be surprised how many views GMB listing content gets – purely organic and without having to offer free food to “influencers”.

Your images, menus, and offers are shared between Google search results and your business’s Google Maps listing. And if you do it right, it will also ensure that even people who have never heard of your restaurant will find it, as long as you serve them food that matches their interests. The key, however, is to get it right, and while I can’t tell you how to do it right with dinosaurs, I can tell you how to get it right with Google my Business in five easy steps.

Claim your ad:

Before you can update your restaurant’s GMB file, you must to claim it. Google your business and, if you find it, click “Own this business?” »Press and follow the instructions. If your business isn’t on Google yet, you can easily add it. Just google “Add my business to Google Maps” and click on the appropriate links. Claiming GMB ads in the Middle East is a bit of a pain as Google insists on verifying your ad by sending you a postcard. And since there are no zip codes, and Google doesn’t accept PO numbers, they usually don’t arrive. Don’t worry, however, allow a little extra time. Start the verification process and trigger the postcard. After 2 weeks, go back to your GMB listing and notify Google that the postcard has not arrived. Google will insist on sending a second postcard. Same story. 2 weeks later, come back to your ad, report that the postcard has not arrived and Google will give you other verification options (for example, phone call or video call).

Complete all the information:

Once you have checked your GMB ad, complete all of the fields available as completely as possible. Don’t just fill out the required fields, but make sure you complete all of the fields that apply to your business. Pay close attention to images and your menu – both will be visible on your business’s Google Maps listing and Google searches.

Create articles and offers:

Google allows you to post and create offers directly from your GMB listing, which will then be visible for a limited time on your Google Maps listing and in Google searches. Start experimenting with different posts and offers to see what works for you. You’ll be surprised how many views they’ll get (Google will email you with the data once a message has expired).

Collect and respond to reviews:

Reviews on Google improve your search rankings and drive more traffic to your GMB listing or website. You should encourage customers to not just leave reviews, but also to leave reviews that mention the keywords you want to be found for. For example, if you have a wide range of vegan options, make sure your customers mention it in Google reviews, as Google will then suggest your business to others based on what Google knows about them (which is a lot !).

Analyze & Optimize:

One of the advantages of Google is access to information and
analytic. You don’t even need to bother with Google Analytics
if you don’t want it, your GMB listing will provide you with a wealth of useful information, including the number of people who found your business on Google Maps or through Google search, the number of people who interacted with your listing and the actions they have taken, how many are showing your posts, photos and offers, etc.
Also make sure to keep your GMB list up to date, flag inappropriate photos that people may have added, add new menus, and more.

By Martin Kubler, Chief Sloth at The Gluttonous Sloth – HORECA Consulting with Attitude

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