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Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported that the legendary comic book retailer saunders buddy from MyComicShop in Texas revealed a bit of what happened between DC Comics and Midtown Comics / UCS Comic Distributors. In the same email, sent to the mailing list of the world’s biggest comic book sellers, he also spoke about his political leanings. Especially in this eventful election period in the USA. Buddy Saunders wrote;

Unless you’re slow at the draw, now you know who I voted for ahead of time. I won’t go into the many reasons why, beyond saying that while Donald Trump may be an imperfect ship (we all are), this imperfect ship is overflowing with things that I and many others consider to be. good for our free democratic capitalist republic. I liked what Donald Trump had promised to do. He delivered, despite incredible opposition. He will continue to deliver in a second term, and I predict he will win.

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He also shared a conversation with another large, active business owner.

I just had a great conversation with a freight forwarder that we use to move mid-size collections (too small for an 18-wheeler) from partner purchasing locations to our warehouses. Tony, the owner of the company, immigrated here 17 years ago with nothing but a good brain, the will to work very hard and the desire to live the American dream. The business he created is now nationwide. After we finished our business, I told Tony that I had voted for Trump and asked him if he didn’t mind telling me who he voted for. He exploded with enthusiasm saying “Trump, Trump, Trump, I tell all my friends it must be Trump. Dude! He’s so good for business.” I then told Tony that since the 2016 election Lone Star Comics had added 20 new jobs. The pre-Covid labor market under Trump was phenomenal. I voted for Trump because I want this trend to continue.

And, as someone who previously chose to shut down their online business during the initial shutdowns, he seems to have changed his mind.

Last week I mentioned that the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) urged nations around the world to avoid closures whenever possible, citing the damage the closures do to the most economically vulnerable. In response, I received an email from a reader saying that the WHO had said no such thing. I went back and looked at what the WHO said and found myself sticking to what I had originally reported. Yes, the WHO didn’t absolutely say there should never be a lockdown, but the people at WHO got close enough. In fact, a lot of people aside from humble comic book sellers like me have always said the same thing. It is easy for those who are safe and comfortable in secured jobs to have no problem with the young and less well off who are unemployed or, in the case of businessmen, our businesses are closed forever because of the lockdowns. But, sorry guys, we don’t like being unemployed and losing our businesses.

Now here’s this from The Epoch Times: “More than 34,000 doctors and health scientists around the world have signed a statement against the lockdowns put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, saying the measures are causing ‘irreparable damage. According to an online petition initially created by three epidemiologists from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. “

Although courtesy of Wikipedia, The Epoch Times is an international multilingual newspaper and media company affiliated with the emerging religious movement Falun Gong. The epoch of time opposes the Chinese Communist Party. He is also known to promote far-right politicians in Europe and backs President Donald Trump in the United States A 2019 NBC News report showed him to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign. The Epoch Media Group news sites and YouTube channels broadcast conspiracy theories such as QAnon and anti-vaccination propaganda.

NBC also reported that “Facebook deleted more than 600 accounts linked to the pro-Trump conspiracy website The Epoch Times for using identities created by artificial intelligence to disseminate stories on a variety of topics, including impeachment and the elections”. And now shared with MyComicShop customers. And what about this specific report that he shares?

The petition Buddy cites is called the Great Barrington Declaration, which calls for an end to closures, for the general population to develop “herd immunity” and for the most vulnerable to isolate themselves. Many medical experts have said it is a fringe science. Evidence or experience does not confirm this. The signing website – which doesn’t name signatories, nor does it require accreditation for any registered doctors, is linked to a libertarian think tank. Last week, the respected medical journal The Lancet published a reply signed by 80 named medical experts, declaring the approach a “dangerous mistake unsupported by scientific evidence”. But as Buddy says,

If you don’t agree and think lockdowns are great and necessary, that’s fine. I won’t call you a liar or an idiot just because your opinion is different from mine. And I hope you will give me the same courtesy.

It will be fine. It’s always good to watch what real evidence supports your opinions, you never know it might change them. Because I do not know anybody who thinks blockages are great… just that sometimes with great power there has to be great responsibility. And that also counts for mailing lists.

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