H&R Block Employee Gives Drug Dealers Access to Customer Information, State Charges Say | Crime and courts


An H&R Block employee left a man who sold him pot to “help himself” in filing cabinets with customer information earlier this year in order to settle a debt, prosecutors said.

James Maurice Palmer, 27, faces charges of forgery and identity theft, two crimes, resulting from the April incident. He first appeared in Yellowstone County Court Court on Wednesday. Justice of the Peace Jeanne Walker set the bond at $ 10,000.

Palmer worked at the H&R Block company at 1844 Grand Ave., according to charges. H&R Block was closed on Wednesday and could not be contacted to verify Palmer’s employment dates.

On April 24, Palmer used the name of another man on a rental request with option to purchase at a rental center for two televisions valued at $ 2,294.66, according to charges.

Palmer only provided a copy of a photo ID, not the original photo ID, for the app, the store manager said. The photo on the ID card provided by Palmer did not match the space for a photo on the standard Montana ID card and overlapped with some of the written information, statement of charges.

Palmer later told police that the fraudulent ID card was given to him by “G,” a man who Palmer had bought weed from in the past and who was trying to get back the money Palmer owed him. .

Palmer told police in an interview with a prison that he did not know “G” ‘s real name, but that the man had come to his apartment in February to ask for money and that he had told “G” that he might be able to obtain identity documents for him through his employment in the tax firm.

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