How to work with a mailing list broker

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A good mailing list broker will help you find the best lists out of the tens of thousands available, give you the best prices, help you make money on bad names, duplicates, etc., and take care of of all negotiations with list of sellers. These are all jobs that you don’t want to try to do on your own. Here is some valuable information for those looking to work with a broker for the first time:


How Mailing List Brokers Work

The business setup of a mailing list broker is very similar to that of a real estate agent. The agent will search the market for listings to find homes that meet all of your specifications. Once you have selected the home you like, your real estate agent has the ability to negotiate with the seller and coordinate all stages of the purchase of the property.

A mailing list broker works in a very similar way. Your broker should explain all of the characteristics and qualities that you are looking for in an email list. The broker does research and scours the market to find all the available listings that meet your needs, then sends you a list of recommendations.

To help you choose among the different possibilities, the broker should send you a very informative data sheet for each of their recommendation lists. The data card provides all the information on the list you need to make an appropriate decision. A data card should include the following: the date the list was last updated, whether it is a compiled list or response list, the demographics of the names on the list, who else rented the listing and how many times they rented it etc.

What u have to do

After going through this information and discussing it with the broker, they will help you acquire the listings you want to rent. In most cases, you don’t actually own the names. You just praise them. Most lists only allow you to rent and post names once. Occasionally you will be able to rent them twice. Don’t try to post them more times than your contract allows. List sellers have ways of monitoring you with seed names planted in their lists. If you post illegally, they’ll charge you and probably won’t hire you anymore.

Coming back to the broker, you can see that the role they play is essentially that of an intermediary. He’ll do all the work to find you the best list, then negotiate with the seller and make all the arrangements for you. And again, the broker will receive a commission from the owner of the listing (not you, the tenant).

Who to work with

I rent lists every week for the clients I work with. I have ordered thousands and thousands of mailing lists over the years, so I have worked with many list brokers. I’ve worked with the good, the bad, and the ugly, and narrowed my brokers down to a great agency that I use exclusively.

You will want to find someone who will be sensitive to the way you like to work. If you primarily like to communicate via email, you want a broker who is willing to send you emails. If you are the type of person who prefers to work over the phone, make sure the broker is ready to call you with information. Make sure the broker is ready to meet these preferences.

Ultimately, choosing a mailing list broker is like choosing your real estate broker. You want to find someone who you are happy and comfortable working with and who is willing to work within your parameters.

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