How to create your own outgoing mailing list for Gmail

Gmail is easily one of the best email clients or services out there, and it has at least one hidden feature that many are unlikely to be familiar with. Namely, the ability to create a mailing list using the contacts UI and then send emails to that list with one entry in Gmail. Or, more precisely, with the entry of a unique name or label.

Well, that’s exactly what this guide is here to help you with. So let’s get started.

Here’s How To Create Your Own Gmail Mailing List To Save Time

The advantage of creating a mailing list for those you frequently contact as a group is that it saves time. Specifically, it saves time by entering multiple email addresses or contacts. But it also goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t miss anyone. Specifically, that you don’t miss anyone when sending emails to multiple recipients.

This is useful if you have a lot of coworkers who are on projects with you. But it’s not just useful in business or corporate situations. It can also be incredibly quick and useful if you need to email multiple people for other reasons. Like putting together and sending family wish lists for children’s birthday and holiday gifts.

The precise time it saves, of course, depends on how efficiently you use the feature. And that’s not, in itself, the most intuitive process. So let’s take a closer look at how this can be accomplished.

Create a new group for your mailing list in Contacts

First, you’ll need to create a contact group – Google calls these “labels” – through the Contacts service. This is what you will use later in Gmail. It’s worth noting, right off the bat, that this doesn’t seem to work for labels with contacts that don’t have an email address. So you will probably need to create completely separate contact groups for your Gmail mailing list. Aside from that, the steps are really pretty straightforward.

  1. The easiest way to create a mailing list to use in Gmail is directly through the Contacts service and site. You will therefore have to start by opening your preferred browser. We are using Chrome in our sample images
  2. Go to the site “”
  3. Log in, if you are not already logged in, with the email address you plan to send from
  4. On the main contacts page, start by selecting the bullet “Create a label” at the bottom left of the user interface
  5. Enter an appropriate name for the label – we have named our label “Test” in our sample images
  6. Select the “Save” option to create the label. The new label will now appear in the left sidebar
  7. Now select the “Contacts” option from the left sidebar. It will be near the top. The page will now display a list of all your contacts
  8. Select the contacts you want to add to the mailing list for Gmail – and / or create contacts, if necessary – for any email addresses that are not saved as contacts. You can select them by tapping or clicking the square checkbox to the left of their name. The box only appears when hovering over the contact name
  9. Once selected, choose the tag-shaped label icon from the top bar of the user interface
  10. Select your new label from the list. In our examples, this is the label “Test”. Google will display a blue check mark next to the list name
  11. Tap or click the “Apply” option at the bottom of the context menu
  12. Select the new label in the left sidebar to confirm that the contacts have been added
  13. You can repeat steps 7 through 12 as needed to add more email addresses over time. Or steps 4 to 12, if you need multiple mailing lists

Here’s how to use your new label in Gmail

Now that you’ve gone through the trouble of creating a group to use for your mailing list in Gmail, it’s time to see how you can actually use it. While it’s also worth noting that you won’t necessarily be able, at least not for most people right now, to use these groups in emails sent via mobile. As is sometimes the case with our guides, the mobile version, unless Gmail is used online in Chrome or another browser, simply does not support it.

And this part is incredibly simple.

  1. Open Gmail in a web browser – as shown above, it doesn’t seem to work in Gmail for Android or other app versions of Gmail
  2. Press the “Dial” button, located at the top right of the user interface
  3. In the field labeled “To,” enter the name you gave your contact group label. In our case, it’s “Test”
  4. It should be noted, again, that this won’t necessarily work with all of your contact groups. In fact, if any contacts within a group do not have an associated email address, that group does not appear to register in the Gmail client at all. So if your group doesn’t show up, you might need to go back to Contacts and remove those from the group that don’t have associated emails.
  5. The “To” field – or whatever recipient field you use – will automatically populate with emails found in the Contacts group.
  6. Send your email as you normally would and all recipients should receive it