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An office mailing list is a way for employees and managers to access internal contact information to send invitations, condolences, birthday cards, and other correspondence. Opening up the channels of communication between colleagues is a way to strengthen teamwork and morale. Building a desktop mailing list is as easy as collecting data and entering the information into a word processing document.

Collect employee contact information. Designate a person to collect the contact data and keep it up to date. Contact information can include personal addresses, email addresses, mobile and home phone numbers, and birthdays.

Create a new document in Microsoft Word. Click the “Office Button” and then “New” in Microsoft 2007 or “File> New” in earlier versions. Choose “Blank Document” from the list of document types to create. Click “Create” or “OK”.

Add a table to the document with at least six columns. In Word 2007, click the “Insert” tab then “Table”. Drag the mouse to add six columns. In earlier versions of Word, click the “Insert Table” icon on the Standard toolbar. (You can have more or less columns depending on the information you want to add to the mailing list.)

Label the columns by typing the column headers in the first row. For example, type “Name” in the Name column, “Mailing address”, “Home phone” and so on. Switch to another column after typing a header by pressing the “Tab” key on your keyboard. Press the “Tab” key again after the last column to add another row.

Type the employee information in the respective columns. You may want to work alphabetically to make it easier for users to scroll.

Save and print the mailing list after adding all the information. To save, click on the “Save” icon on the Standard toolbar of Word 97-2003 or on the “Home” tab of Word 2007. To print, click on the “Print” icon on the toolbar. Standard tools in Word 97-2003 or the “Office Button> Print” icon in Word 2007.

Print enough copies for the entire office. Distribute the copies to everyone in the department.

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