How to create a mailing list in Gmail

Emails are not always an individual matter. Sometimes it’s necessary to involve other people in the discussion, and Gmail makes that very easy. However, these days, with the rise of Slack, Asana, and other collaboration apps, group emails are starting to go out of style. Still, if you’re hanging on to the old ways, here’s how to create a mailing list in Gmail, as well as group emails.

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Manually adding email addresses to a new email window

If there are only a few email addresses that you need to add to an email, it is faster to enter them manually. You can do this by first opening the Bcc field in the email. Entering e-mail addresses in BCC means that they will not be revealed to other recipients of the e-mail. Type each address, separated by a space.

gmail bcc field

Otherwise, if you do not know all the e-mail addresses in memory, click Bcc at the top left, and it opens your Google contacts. Check the people you want to add to the email.

insert bcc gmail

Create a mailing list in Gmail and Google Contacts

If you regularly send emails to a group of people, you can create some kind of mailing list in Google Contacts. Then when you want to email this group of people, just type the list name in the email window. It’s a huge time saver, and you can add or remove people from the list as needed.

Gmail calls this mailing list feature contact labels. This is because essentially all you do is set up a tag in Contacts and attach people’s email addresses to that tag. The label is then the “mailing list” and you only need to type the name of the label in your messaging window.

In Contacts, on the left side, select Create a label.

google contacts create a label

You will then be prompted to name your label. I decided to Coworkers. Click on to safeguard and you will now see your new label appear next to Create a label in the sidebar.

google contacts name tag

Now select the contacts you want to add to this tag by checking the boxes next to them.

google contacts add to tag

At the top of the screen, to the left of the envelope icon is the icon for adding contacts to a label. Click on it and select the tag to which you want to add the contacts. Click on To apply to save your changes, then click the label in the sidebar to make sure the contacts are all there.

google contacts add to tag 2

Now when you email this group just type the label name in the Gmail window and it will auto fill with all the email addresses.

google contact mailing list

According to Google, you can’t send emails to more than 500 people in a single email.

What happens if you exceed the maximum number of email recipients in a Gmail mailing list?

Google will temporarily block your Gmail address indefinitely. If you constantly offend, they will close the Gmail address.

Can Gmail replace paid mailing list services like Mailchimp or Mailerlite?

No. There’s a reason you pay for professional mailing list services like Mailchimp. They have specialized features for sending mass emails, including easy unsubscribe and advanced spam protection. Gmail does not offer such features.