Google will leverage AI for business listing updates

Google updates business listings

To ensure that local businesses have up-to-date business listings, Google used AI to verify them. This month, Google announced a plan to use machine learning to find outdated business information, such as store hours, and automatically correct it via AI predictions of the correct information.

To do this, Google feeds the AI ​​model with a plethora of data, including nearby store opening hours, information directly from the company’s website, and sometimes Google Street View images of storefronts and storefronts. window signs. The machine also takes into consideration any other updates the business owner has made to their hours, overall location history data of customers in the store, and more. is not open.

Why Companies Haven’t Updated Their Hours

It might sound simple, but many stores haven’t updated their hours throughout the pandemic. For some, there has been just too much change in when they might be open, when shoppers will enter, and when employees might be there. This, says one expert, can frustrate shoppers.

“Hours of operation are one of the most dynamic elements of your Google Business Profile and likely the most susceptible to error or change,” said Krystal Tang, Senior Manager of Solutions, Uberall. “In general, as originally introduced with the suggested changes, Google will rely on third-party data sources if the company has not provided a complete data set or has not curated it. Google is also pulling many of its innovations based on the search patterns and behaviors they know of users, so they’re likely seeing a shift in searches, as well as what users interact with the most on business profiles Google.

How to update business listings

Updating a business listing in Google, or any other search engine, is crucial for business, as more and more buyers go to a search engine first to find the location. of a store, its opening hours or its telephone number. Google’s use of AI to update this information is a signal that many companies aren’t taking this essential part of their business as seriously as they should.

“If Google receives consistent updates from your business, it will be less inclined to rely on other sources,” Tang said. “However, if Google is looking to supplement your hours of operation by relying on other sources, it will be essential to ensure that the information is correct. This includes your website properties, all other publishers and online directories that may publish your information, as well as your physical location.

Tang suggests updating physical signage first, then checking voicemail recordings for up-to-date information. From there, have your web designer check all times and location listings on your website. Finally, check with online business directories and then send updated information when hours, location or phone numbers change.

Google Maps Update 101

The tech giant is also using AI to update its Maps 101 platform, with the aim of ensuring all maps are up to date.