Google Maps adds “customer updates” to business listing

Google has added a section called “customer updates” to the Google Business Profile listings in the Google Maps interface. This appears to show some recent reviews from Google Local Guides and this may be a concern for some businesses where Google may highlight a review that might not be what you want your customers to see.

Thibault Adda spotted it first and posted a video of it on Twitter which I will include below.

But look at it, Google Maps “Client Updates” for GooglePlex Business Listing here is in Persian and translated to “Various Rainbow Cloud Situations”.

click for actual size

When you click on one, it loads more customer reviews.

Local SEO Jason Brown said he “saw this over the weekend with the criticism attack on the Racist Smoothie guy’s business profile“. Maybe this can be another review target that local SEOs need to master and businesses will have no idea how to handle.

Although, as Claire said, it’s not 100% new, we’re just seeing more of it now. I thought I had seen this before…

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