DigitalReef Acquires Connected TV Advertising Platform Column6

DigitalReef’s expansion into Connected Television (CTV) will provide advertisers with direct access to reach consumers through mobile, TV and digital streaming services. This is DigitalReef’s first acquisition in the United States.

DigitalReef, a leading global mobile marketing technology company, has completed the acquisition of connected television (CTV) advertising software platform Column6. This acquisition provides DigitalReef with expanded capabilities and expertise in programmatic advertising and streaming media ad management across the Americas.

Its capabilities and expertise based on its proprietary technology will help DigitalReef grow.

Connected TV
Maurizio Angelone, CEO of DigitalReef.

“Column6 has built a powerful ad server and unified auction in collaboration with leading CTV platforms and publishers, as well as Fortune 500 brands and ad agency holding companies,” said DigitalReef CEO, Maurizio Angelone. “Its capabilities and expertise based on its proprietary technology will help DigitalReef extend its edge by building strong connections with audiences around the world, whether on mobile or connected TV and streaming media services.”

Column6 enables DigitalReef to target a growing market opportunity, bringing together the Latin American mobile ecosystem and the North American streaming and broadcast markets. By 2025, the United States is expected to spend more than $30 billion on CTV ads, an increase of more than 233% from the $9 billion spent in 2020. Global CTV impressions in 2020 increased by 60 % year over year and connected TV 40% of all video. impressions, up from 31% in 2019.

The mobile device is the first, and often the only, streaming media consumption screen for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Column6 brings DigitalReef’s advertising and marketing platform, DR-ONE, immediate CTV scale and capability to major global markets (including the US and Canada). The joint company will leverage the more than 500 million mobile devices in Latin America to nearly 200 million active CTV households in the United States to expand engagement and revenue opportunities for digital content publishers, mobile operators and content producers. Column6 has access to over 2,500 CTV applications and integrates with over 25 programmatic bidders and DigitalReef has over 3,000 established publishers and operator customers in its ecosystem.

Connected TV
Mark Yackanich, CEO of Column6.

“The mobile device is the primary, and often the only, screen for streaming media consumption for hundreds of millions of people around the world,” said Column6 CEO Mark Yackanich. “As we continue to expand our CTV platform and exchange services in the United States, we are excited to leverage our platform to help fuel an emerging streaming media ecosystem with major mobile operators. across the Americas.”

The Column6 team will be expanded to develop its comprehensive product and market vision, with Column6 leaders playing key roles in the global growth of DigitalReef.

“We are focused on creating a best-in-class marketing ecosystem for our partners with the most advanced technology and the highest caliber talent and expertise. The acquisition of Column6 is an important step in realizing this vision,” said Angelone. “We are excited to combine our efforts to execute our go-to-market strategy.”