Bing presents its own local business listing dashboard

Bing recently made a local listings management dashboard available to agencies to help them maintain customer business information.

The new dashboard is intended to help agencies more effectively manage a large number of local listings for their clients.

The dashboard

The dashboard allows you to manage all of your customer lists from one place, and at the same time allows you to grant customers access to their individual lists, thus allowing customers to update their list quickly and easily if needed. You can add up to 10,000 ads to your account.

Your dashboard gives you a summary of the ads you’ve currently posted, how many you’ve submitted, and how many are under review or have been suspended.

Another great advantage is that you can easily register chain companies using the interface. However, as an agency, you will need an authorization signed by the client.

In which countries is the new dashboard available?

The dashboard is available in UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Austria, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

You must register as an agency

In order to be authorized to manage a client’s business listing on Bing, you must first be registered as an agency with Bing. It’s easy to do by filling in this model and submit it to Bing. Information on how to add the information for each company is included.

With the increased benefits and credibility badge provided by being a registered agency, there is no reason why a marketing agency shouldn’t take the plunge to sign up.

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