ACC suspends two more employees after allegedly improper sharing of customer information

“On Thursday, we took the step of suspending two more people while we conducted an investigation,” Tully said.

“This is totally unacceptable behavior and I am appalled. We have a team of 4,000 people working hard every day to help people recover from an injury and they are absolutely disgusted by the actions of those involved.”

Access to VAC systems and information has been removed from terminated employees.

An independent review will be carried out on the management of ACC data and customer information following incidents, with the board working with the Treasury to confirm the terms of reference and appoint a person to lead the review.

“While I think we’ll probably find more instances of this activity, I’ve made it clear that this behavior will not be tolerated at ACC,” Tully said.

“Customers and the public deserve to have confidence that their information is treated with respect and only used for legitimate purposes related to their complaint.

“We know this situation is having an impact on our customers, we have heard the concerns of a number of them. We understand, are deeply sorry and apologize for the distress that has been caused.”

VAC employees have been reminded of their obligations under VAC’s Code of Conduct, and frontline employees receive refresher training on the same topic.

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