700 people are waiting for affordable housing on the city’s mailing list

It’s no surprise that the demand for housing far outstrips the supply statewide.

That’s especially the case in the suburban Ventura County oasis that has attracted homeowners from Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley during the pandemic, as remote working has become more common.

This trend has resulted in housing costs that are often out of reach for many families.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the Town of Moorpark’s mailing list for people interested in buying their first home includes around 700 people and nearly 250 who have completed the homeownership program. city ​​property.

However, only three of the city’s 100 affordable homes have sold in 2021, meaning many on the list have little hope of getting into one of the coveted affordable homes.

Staff said they remain committed to removing barriers for very low, low and moderate income residents trying to buy a home in the city.

“The city is committed to ensuring the long-term affordability of these units,” said Tamar Gantt, housing program manager. Glans.

One of the city’s goals for the current and upcoming exercise was to identify solutions to housing barriers, providing options for all age groups and age groups.

Staff achieved a 77% achievement rate for this goal, according to last month’s mid-year report. The score was significantly higher than for City’s other goals, which scored in the 40% range.

Housing in Moorpark, like many other towns in the county and state, is hard to find, forcing many young professionals to leave the area. It’s a trend that has kept young professionals from settling down, leading to declining enrollment on Moorpark Unified School District campuses.

The past decade has seen few new homes in the city. Since 2010, just over 330 units have been built, an 82% decrease from the previous decade, according to the most recent Housing Element Project.

About 70% of the town’s homes were built before 1990, and it’s been 50 years since less than 340 homes were built in a decade.

The Town of Moorpark Home Ownership Program, established in 2002, helps very low, low and middle income households purchase their first home. The city has 100 homes designed for the program, and the last new unit was sold in 2016.

The last resale unit in May 2021, Gant said, had 16 applicants.

He said prices vary by income level. The city is able to keep prices affordable through 100-year deferred loans.

As part of the program, prospective homebuyers should first watch the 30-minute workshop video, which provides details about the program as well as loans and homes. The video is available in English and Spanish.

If someone scores 80% or higher on the post-workshop quiz, they receive a certificate that they are pre-qualified to apply for available housing under the program.

When a house in the program becomes available, the city notifies everyone on the mailing list and everyone with a certificate, but only those with an up-to-date certificate can apply to purchase the house.

Applicants must pay a $100 fee and provide a loan pre-qualification letter, proof of income, and tax records.

After the application period is over and applications are reviewed, the city holds a lottery to rank applicants in order of ability to buy a home. Residents of Moorpark are given priority, followed by those who work at Moorpark.

Those at the top of the list will have the first opportunity to purchase the home and will first need to complete a pre-purchase education course.

To learn more about the Home Ownership Program, visit moorparkca.gov/157/First-Time- Home Buying Program. To be added to the mailing list, email your name and phone number to [email protected]