10 incredibly easy ways to grow your email list

Marketing your business should be one of your top priorities, but technology has forced us to adapt the way we connect with people. It’s easy to ignore email newsletters in favor of social media, but the humble mailing list still looms large in today’s marketing strategies. Use it correctly, and it can even work in conjunction with your social media strategy.

Unlike social media on search engine results, you don’t have to compete with an ever-changing algorithm to ensure your results appear first. With email marketing, you have complete control over how much – or how little – you communicate, making it one of the most predictable tools for advertising your business.

Follow these ten steps and watch your subscriber list grow.

Above, we alluded to how mailing lists and social media can work hand in hand. Indeed, although mailing lists are often preferred for their reliability, it is easy to reach unknown audiences on social networks, thus directing them to your newsletter.

There are of course other strategies you can consider when using social media, such as custom hashtags and viral trending, but we’ll save those for another day. Once you’ve reached potential customers, give them a place to sign up for your newsletter. This can be a call to action in a post or a simple link in your bio.

2. Videos

Creating videos no longer requires expensive, high-end equipment. In fact, a short clip shot on a smartphone and shared online can be a bigger hit.

People love videos for their engaging and interactive nature. They appeal to our inner social needs and are a great way to instant gratification (look at TikTok, for example).

Chances are you already use videos to market your business, or are at least considering using them. Add value to your videos with the ability to stay in touch via a mailing list.

3. Referral programs

Starting a business can be difficult, but one of the first steps is to get started. At first, we typically rely on our friends and family to spread the word, then we turn to our employee networks. Why not consider using other parts of your network to diversify?

Incentivize subscribers to share with friends and family through referral programs that reward new signups with discount codes and loyalty programs.

4. Incentive

Given the above, all potential customers must have a reason to subscribe. Most consumers want to declutter their inbox, but adding value to your emails might persuade them to continue with your email list.

Give customers things they couldn’t get otherwise: insider knowledge, tips and tricks, and discount codes all year round. Remember, everyone loves a birthday present.

5. Gifts

Running a promotion on an e-commerce site is a surefire way to increase sales, but it’s an opportunity to do so much more, including shamelessly plugging in your email subscription. People will gladly hand over their email addresses for product giveaways – where there’s a chance of getting something for free – allowing you to sign them up for your newsletter.

The returns on investment in email strategies are said to be high, and if you’re willing to offer a high-value product for free, the results could be bountiful.

6. Focus on targeted lists

Using an email service provider allows you to store email addresses and generate email content, but much of the work will be done by you, which can be both time-consuming and expensive. Upgrading to a more comprehensive email marketing service brings the benefit of automation, allowing you to build a library of newsletter templates that are automatically sent to the right people at the right time.

Subscribers love control, so giving them the ability to choose which mailing lists they want to join can help you deliver only the most relevant content. Integrating your email list with your e-commerce website can help you identify incomplete sales, offering specific discounts rather than a company-wide promotion.

7. Secure Content

We’ve considered offering incentives to entice more consumers to sign up for your mailing list, but in more extreme cases it’s possible to restrict access to your content. So-called “secure content” requires a specific key to access it; this key can be an account with your website, or more applicable to this story, being a subscriber to your email marketing.

Remember, this is an exchange – or transaction – so offering high-value content is a must in order to only deliver on our promise.

8. Give users more control

Linking your email service provider to analytics software can help pinpoint not only sources of new subscriptions, but unsubscriptions as well. Analytics are hugely beneficial to any business, but they don’t provide the complete picture. Ask yourself why people are opting out of receiving marketing communications from you: they may no longer be interested, but the content may be irrelevant, they may receive too many emails. mails or even that they are not. get enough information. Avoid unnecessary unsubscriptions by giving your customers a voice.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but giving people the ability to select exactly what they want to receive is a great idea. You might be surprised at how many boxes people will tick given the option.

9. Increase visibility

A good email list will have many entry points across various platforms, from your website to social media and from existing emails to non-web marketing. However you advertise your marketing strategy, it needs to be visible enough to grab attention, often even more than the products or services customers are looking for.

10. Make it easy for yourself

Making your mailing list a prominent feature on your channels, however, is only half the story. In business, we take into account that “people are lazy”, whether it is true or false. This means that it should be easy to sign up with minimal effort – each additional click presents another hurdle that can deter potential subscribers.

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